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Annette Sparozic Lazzaro

We got our boxer Shelbi from you 8 years ago and she is the most amazing dog ever. Then we went back 2 years ago and got our boston terrier, Layla from you. She is smart and sassy and gives me gray hairs but I love her to death! Good luck on your new endeavor!

New Arrivals 

Shih-Tzu Female #7589 $1800 DOB 7/4/23

Chihuahua Male #7599 $1700 DOB 7/10/23

Chihuahua Female #7601 $1900 DOB 7/10/23

Mini Poodle Female #7628 $1400 DOB 7/9/23

Mini Poodle Female #7620 $1400 DOB 7/9/23