Our Puppies

Our Puppies

Among our special variety of favorites and unique breeds, we are sure to have the right puppy for anyone who might visit us!

Our expert staff can advise you regarding which puppies are good with kids, which are best for people with allergies, and which do not require much exercise (great for people who live in apartments or condos). From tiny Chihuahuas to 180-pound English mastiffs, to gorgeous fluffy golden retrievers, we’re sure to have a puppy you will love!

Our puppies come from many different breeders located all over the country. Many of which have dogs that are OFA certified (or similar veterinary certification). This means that they have been examined to check for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, congenital cardiac disease, inherited eye disease, etc. which will greatly reduce the likelihood that the puppies will develop these disorders. This is the sign of a truly reputable breeder.

Many of the Puppy Love breeders have been working with us since we opened in 1996. Any new breeders are referred by people we trust.

Our puppies get the best food, health care and staff to love them. They sleep with comfy towels, play with chew toys and we exercise them regularly. We take good care of them for you while they are ours!