Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Interested in a particular puppy? Call us directly at 203-743-5400! As puppies are confirmed to be coming they will be added to this list with their expected arrival date.


1 Maltese Male

1 Frenchie Male Fawn with black mask

1 Yorkie Male

1 Corgi Male Tan and White

1 Pomeranian Female Silver and Tan

1 Mini Dachshund Male Smooth coat Black and Tan

1 Shih Tzu Male Red and White

1 Shih-Poo Male Red and Sable

1 Cocker Spaniel Brwn and White

1 Min Pin Female Red

1 Mini Poodle Male Apricot


4 Mini Schnauzers 2 Male 2 Female

4 Havashus (Havanese/Shih Tzu’s) 2 Male 2 Female

2 Shih Tzu’s Male


6 Golden Retrievers 3 Male 3 Female Light Golden

Expected arrival dates can change depending on recommendations made by the breeder’s veterinarian.