Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Interested in a particular puppy? Call us directly at 203-743-5400. As puppies are confirmed to be coming they will be added to this list with their expected arrival date.

Expected arrival dates can change depending on recommendations made by the breeder’s veterinarian.


Chocolate Lab Female

Yorkshire Terrier Female

2 Morkies Male and Female

2 Boston Terriers 1 Male 1 Female

Maltese Female


Bichon Frise Female

Cavapoo Male

Pug Male

Cavachon Female

Maltese Female


4 Yorkshire Terriers 1 Male 3 Female


5 Dachshund Yorkshire Terrier Mixes 3 Male 2 Female


3 Yorkie-Poos 2 Female 1 Male

3 Shih Tzu’s Female