Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that our customers often ask: 
Are your puppies from local breeders?
There is a misunderstanding that "local" breeders means better. This is definitely not true. Our breeders are inspected and licensed. Regular home breeders are not inspected by anyone, are not licensed and are not required to give any warranties on puppies they sell. One of our out-of-state breeders is one of the top champion lab breeders in the country. Her dogs are bred for beauty and temperament. We are lucky to get many of her cuties! 
Have your puppies had all their shots? 
Our puppies arrive just after they turn eight weeks old. While we have them in the store, they are visited by our wonderful vets at South Salem Animal Hospital/Noah's Ark Animal Hospital and puppy shots are kept up-to-date. Puppies receive a series of shots until they are about 22 weeks old. This will vary slightly according to the vet you use. Puppies, like children, receive shots to protect against various serious diseases. When you purchase your puppy, we send you home with lots of helpful training and feeding information as well as the puppy's up to date shot record.  

Will my puppy get sick? 
This is very important! Just as children pick up illnesses from other children, puppies can pick up colds, coughs, and illnesses from other dogs. We take the best possible care of our puppies while they are ours and we have a medical room in the store to care for puppies that develop common puppy ailments. Like people, puppies can incubate illness or hide symptoms. That is why we offer a variety of warranties to help you care for your new puppy.

What health warranties do you offer? 
We have 3 warranties. The state requires a 15-day guarantee. We also offer two additional warranties which far exceed this minimum requirement. Our warranties will be explained to you in detail when you purchase your puppy.  

I have allergies. Which puppy would be best for me?
Breeds which do not shed are best for people with allergies. Some breeds which you should consider are Poodles, Bichons, Shih tzus, and Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers. Puppy Love carries all of these breeds. 
What happens if a puppy doesn't sell? 
Forget any horror stories you may have heard. Here at Puppy Love, we generally sell between 65 - 110 puppies per month (and many more over the holidays). We price them according to cost and age of the puppy, as well as the availability of the breed. With such a large variety and range of price, every puppy finds a home. You have our promise. 
What does it mean to have a registered puppy (e.g., AKC and others)?
AKC stands for the American Kennel Club. This organization is the most familiar registry for pure bred dogs in the country. And there are several other purebred registries such as ACA, CKC, APR, etc. that also register and keep the lineage of purebred dogs. When you buy a purebred registered puppy (a puppy "with papers"), it means its family tree is documented as being exclusively that breed and it can be registered. One misunderstanding is that registered automatically means "healthier" or that it is automatically a show dog. Neither is necessarily true. A registered dog means only that its parents are of the same breed and the dog comes from a purebred line. We do not guarantee our puppies for showing or breeding. They are sold as companion pets. Many people do register their puppies and it is fun to look at the names of the parents and other relatives. Proven show-quality dogs can cost in the thousands, like racehorses, and other champions. But show dogs do not have guarantees of better Forever 21 Coupon Code health or personalities. Often what distinguishes a show quality dog from one that is not are traits so specific and detailed, they are often only discernible to judges, show breeders and other experts. These traits include the gait and movement of the dog, as well as details of the dogs conformation such as shape of the head, length of the dogs back in proportion to its height....Even the way the dog holds its ears or tail. Most layman and dog owners would not even be aware of the specific conformation details that separate a show dog from a pet dog. One of our Lab breeders is a top show breeder and has been breeding for 25 years. We get many of her puppies whenever they are available. We think each of our puppies is adorable and lovable in its own way!
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